Product / Design Sprints

Ecomm Funnel Redesign

Redesigning the Merry Maids eComm funnel was a collaboration project between the UX team and the Product Manager. By exploring a variety of ways for customers to customize their service and introducing a corporate friendly design sprint process, we were able to radically improve the digital purchasing experience.

Product / Service Categories

AHS Digital Design Guide

With so many dev teams, the style was all over the place. I was inundated with mock up requests because we had not created a system for developers and product owners to refer to. Enter the Digital Design Guide.

B2B Hub

Product / Research & Testing

AHS B2B Dashboard Management

Realtors have to get things done. If we want them to recommend us, then we need to help them get it done faster.

This project included content deep dive, mocks, testing and recommendations.